Zephyr Seats


Zephyr is a lie- flat seat designed for Economy Class travelers on long distance flights.


A solution with: Full Bed, Full Privacy Full Aisle Access


Our patent pending design introduces a social-distancing compliant seating module that will disrupt the entire airline industry and make flying great again for all travelers.

Democratizing comfort in the sky

Zephyr Seat

In the Press

New double-decker style seat design on planes could let all passengers lie flat

Being able to lie completely flat on a plane is the travelling dream, but until now it is reserved for those able to fly business class...

Is this double-decker seat the future of airplane travel?

(CNN) — A design that reconfigures airplane cabins with double-decker lie-flat seats in premium economy is being touted as a possible solution for fliers looking for more...

Zephyr seat is a lie-flat airline seat for economy class travelers

US-based startup zephyr aerospace has unveiled the design of a new airline seat and bed combination for economy...

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